Pahlavi inscribed Sliva of Irinjalakkuda : An appraisal of the iconography and theology. Nasranis
Pahlavi inscribed granite bas-relief cross at Saint Thomas cathedral Irinjalakkuda is a more elaborate and fine replica of the Pahlavi inscribed ancient crosses of south India. This is a modern replica based on a design from a book installed in 2003. This has a few unique features but there is no evidence for a local development of iconography. There is no epigraphic value for this inscription as this is a modern replica. On analysing the rest of the crosses, one can find a gradual adoption of South Indian iconographic elements when we follow the crosses on the west coast to east coast. The Pahlavi inscribed crosses were the emblem of worship of saint Thomas Christians and hence the iconography and theology are important in the studies of liturgical evolution.