Saint Thomas Cross, Mar Thoma Cross, Mar Thoma Sliba- A Religio Cultural Logo of Saint Thomas Christians
St Thomas crosses or Mar Thoma Cross or Mar Thoma Sliba or Persian Cross or Pahlavi Cross are unique among St Thomas Christians only. These crosses were named as Saint Thomas Crosses by the Portuguese missionaries when they found these crosses widespread in almost all of Saint Thomas Christian churches. Antonio De Gouvea and Duarte Barbosa give good account of the widespread use of these Crosses in South India. The Mar Thoma Sliba or Saint Thomas Cross or Mar Thoma Cross is the most ancient Christian emblem yet discovered in India. Cross in Thomasine Christian tradition,Mar Thoma Sliba- Saint Thomas’ Cross- A religio cultural logo,Crosses in South East Asia,Tibet,Malacca cross,Gouvea – Cross of Saint Thomas,Duarte Barbosa,The narrations of Joseph the Indian,Mundadan,Lotus, Dove and Cross,Symbolism and Inculturation in the Cross of Saint Thomas,Symbolism of various elements,Comparisons with Indian art,Iconoclasm by the Portuguese missionaries,Saint Thomas’ Christians’ Cross or Manichaen Cross ?,Manichaen theory and Burnell,Persian Christian monument- Collin,Pahlavi- the language of Persian Christians,if Manichean, why only in India ?,Did Manicheans ever venerate a Cross?,Religious Symbol of Saint Thomas Christians,Different Crosses,The Mount Cross- The Bleeding Cross,Kottayam Valiyapalli Crosses,Kothanalloor Cross,Muttuchira Cross,Alengadu Cross,Kadamattom Cross,Goa cross- Agassim cross,Kaduthuruthy cross,Changanacherry Cross