The Arrival of the Portuguese in India and the Thomas Christians under Mar Jacob 1498-1552 by Dr. Mathias Mundadan
The Arrival of the Portuguese in India and the Thomas Christians: The Malabar, Geographically,Politically,The People of Malabar,The Christians of Malabar,The Chaldean Church The Political background,The Church,The Chaldean Church and the Church of Malabar,The Latin Christendom as represented by the Portuguese,In General ,Spain and Portugal,The Portuguese Civil and Ecclesiastical Administration in India, Introductory Remarks ,Vasco da Gama’s First Voyage to India ( 1498),Cabral’s voyage to India ( 1500),Vasco da Gama’s Second Journey to India ( 1503),Other Relations of Christians of Saint Thomas with the Portuguese till about 1520,Introductory Remarks The Chaldean Bishops,From the beginnings till 1524,The Portuguese Apostolate among Thomas Christians till 1516 , Father Alvaro PenteadoMar Jacob’s letter of 1524 From 1524 till 1530 ,The Cranganore Church burnt Penteado again,Mar Jacob and the Franciscans The Events from 1530 till 1536 ,The Young Bishop Latinizing Simon,Introductory Remarks,The General Events The Cranganore College ,Frey Vincente de Lagos The College,The nature of the training given in the college,The last years of Mar Jacob ,Mar Jacob and the College of Cranganore,Mar Jacob’s retirement,His death