The Thomas Christians by Placid Podipara
The Thomas Christians' by Placid Podiparar: Placid Joseph Podipara CMI is known as the greatest Church historian in India. Ctesiphon organization, rite, break with the western fathers, turns “nestorain” or theodorian, the glory and decline, faith in general, roman primacy, an exception and two rival lines, doubtful relations, obscure and then clear relations, Antioch claims, Seleucia – Ctesiphon alone, Series of Prelates, Titles of Prelates, Residences of Prelates and Liturgical rite and language, Socio- Political life, Manner of worship ( Churches, Sacraments and Sacramental’s) and Church administration, Portuguese Ecclesiastical jurisdictions, Thomas Christians- Two Bishops, Portuguese help, More Bishops, Friendly relations continue- Mar Jacob, Frictions, Muttuchira Inscription, Friction Intensified, After Mar Jacobs death, New Bishops; Mar Joseph, Mar Joseph and Mar Abraham, Council of Goa, 1575, Some of Mar Abraham’s other activities, Council of Goa, 1585, Accusations against Mar Abraham, Two Briefs, Mar Abraham’s Successor, Dom Menezes; His Plans, Dom Menezes in Malabar, Dom Menezes in Malabar, The ‘Synod” of Diamper, The Archdeacon and the Synod, Bishop Roz SJ: Latin Regime, Roz ( Franics) SJ ( 1599-1624), Brito ( Stephen) SJ ( 1624-1641), Garcia ( Francis) SJ ( 1641-1659), Ahatallah, The Coonan Cross Oath, Archdeacon pseudo-Archbishop, Carmelite Commissaries, Mar Alexander Parampil, Puthankuttukar and Pazhayakuttukar, Raphael Figueredo, Custodius De Pinho, Gracia’s Successors: Archdeacon Mathew, Padroado and Propaganda Jurisdictions, Seminaries, The Carmelites and Schism ?, All Under Propaganda: Angelus Francis ( Carmelite), Mar Simon, Padroado Again: Ribeiro John SJ, Many for Carmelites, Angelus Franics Again, Mar Gabriel, Puthanchira and Verapoly, Padroado and Propaganda Prelates ( XVIII Century), New troubles, Further troubles, Cariattil and Paremmakal: Padroado Alone, Pandrai ( Paul), Reunion of Mar Dionysius I, Pandari- Kattakkayam Faction, Sankurikal and Seminaries, Padroado and Propaganda, Prelates till 1838, East Syrian ( Chaldean ) Patriarchs, Propaganda Alone; Titular Archbishop, Propaganda Prelates of this period, Chaldean Rokos; Padroado Restored, Thondanatt, Bishop Abdiso, Padroado and Propaganda Again, Prelates ( 1864-1887), Chaldean Mellus, Mellusian – Nestorians, Petitions and Visitors, Marcelline, Coadjutor ( Carmelite), Indian Latin Hierarchy ( Propaganda) Cranganore Suppressed, Two Latin Non Carmelite Vicars Apostolic ( Propaganda), Medlycott and Lavigne, Padupurakal, Three Indigenous Vicars Apostolic ( Propaganda) and Seminaries.