Render Farm Build 45 | Naked Rabbit World Power Foundation
DISCLAIMER: This is a continuing series detailing the painful story of a DIY render farm build. It is terribly technics and somewhat frustrating. Those who are unprepared for such "entertainment" are advised to ignore these posts. In which I destroy everything. I installed a blank drive called "Lucifer" (it matches JHVH-1 and keeps with my Christian eschatology theme) to be the common drive for scripts, logs, temp files, etc. Now all slaves, including JHVH-1 itself, will have the same pathnames, namely /Volumes/Lucifer/. Still struggling with Dr. Queue, I started from scratch. Installed MacPorts Installed Xcode and Xcode Command Line Tools Then, port install scons sudo port install gtk2 Then... KERNEL PANIC FAIL on JHVH-! The whole shebang was somehow completely goofed up. Holy cats, I destroyed it! This does explain the weird sudo behavior I experienced last time. I must have really borked up some important settings. Ah well, start from scratch, and I really mean from