Love Your Career, Love Your Life | mywhirld
(Image courtesy of Written by Melissa Hefferman for Mywhirld. When Bryan connected with me on LinkedIn, my curiosity and I sensed a like mindedness so I took the connection seriously. This led to some wonderfully open exchanges that have left me asking myself, in contemplating writing something for his website, what is it that sets me apart from other recruiters and what value do I even have to add on the subject? Or am I just one of many; clocking in and out each day, collecting a paycheck, chasing the almighty dollar, allowing myself and my worth to be defined by an arbitrary career in order to exist in this man-made world of money, business and commerce. Then it hit me, because in reality I am a woman who has a great passion for her profession and who constantly thinks about life and how to live the best one possible: my greatest value as a recruiter is intrinsic. I’ve scratched my strictly informative toned article and am going to do what I do best