Is Your Business Fresh or Just Reached Its “Sell-By” Date? | mywhirld
Only Fool And Horses, is an iconic British Comedy series. In one particular episode, "Trigger" is telling his group of friends that his broom is 20 yrs old, despite the handle and broom head having been replaced several times. It's comedy gold and its impact is sadly lost in my delivery. My point is, long-established businesses often change and evolve with time, much like Trigger's broom. The original founder, staff, products, service and possibly location, may have changed for a long-standing business. Is it still the same business? Of course it is. The foundation on which the business was established, remains the same but, how long can it survive? The longevity of any business will depend on how it adapts to change, it's resilience and fortitude through hardship, adversity and its vision to embrace new recruitment methods, its working practice and technology. Maintaining your market share and expanding, demands the wisdom, experience and customer care of an old soul. Balance this