Handling Your First Interview | mywhirld
Whatever feelings you will experience in the build up to your first interview, is no different to those experienced by seasoned interviewees. So, don’t be under any illusions that it gets easier, the more you’re interviewed. Those feelings of vulnerability, nerves, tension, anxiety and self-doubt are normal. The key is not quantity of interviews but the quality of your preparation. Your first step is creating your CV. Read our article Finished School - What now? This will guide you through developing your first CV. Job searching can create mixed emotions of excitement and fear. It can be a daunting task but remember, each job interview is a mini project. The more you prepare for each step, the easier the next step will be. Your next step is deciding what job you would like to do. Some people are happy to just get on the job ladder – nothing wrong with that but if you’re looking for something more YOU and satisfying, think about what job sector you’re best suited to. Talk to your