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Looking around for a festive Easter dessert? Look no further. This marvelous apple tart is an old recipe of ours. It’s easy to make, looks fancy and needs nothing but a plate and perhaps some good quality vanilla ice cream to set it off. To be honest, I had forgotten about this recipe until March rolled around. Each year Aunt Su and I bake each other a cake in lieu of a birthday present. She made me the most wonderful chocolate cake with mocha icing from the Barefoot Contessa. If you’re pissed off, like I am, that Baskin-Robbins and its Jamoca Almond Fudge ice cream are no longer available in this town, the cake will make you forget your huffiness for a moment while you swipe fingerfuls of icing from around the edge of the cake and blame it on your children. Anyway, Aunt Su requested the Apple Tart recipe, and I delivered. I made two: one in the 9″ spring form pan the recipe calls for, and another in a slightly larger tart pan (pictured) to see if it would work, which it did. I’m prejudiced against margarine, even Parkay, so I was horrified to see that this recipe calls for a good hunk of it. I resisted the urge to substitute butter, however, as I remembered the crust being so awesome. It still was. I guess I’ll have to make two more tarts to use up my other sticks of margarine. I can never make the recipe use four whole cups of apples and still make a beautiful pattern. Two or three apples ought to be plenty for one recipe. And sure, I suppose you could substitute some fake cream cheese for the full-fat kind, but really, wouldn’t it be a better idea to make it the right way and have a smaller piece, then take a walk after Easter dinner? Of course it would. Bavarian Apple Torte Crust: 1/2 cup Parkay margarine 1/3 cup sugar 1/4 teaspoon vanilla 1 cup flour Filling: 1 8 oz package cream cheese 1/4 cup sugar 1 egg 1 tsp vanilla Topping: 4 cups peeled, thinly sliced Granny Smith apples 1/3 cup sugar 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon 1/4 cup sliced pecans Cream margarine and sugar together until light and fluffy. Blend in flour and vanilla. Spread dough on bottom and 1 inch up sides (lower if bigger pan) of 9″ springform pan. Use fingers to mush the dough up the sides of the pan. No need to rinse beaters or bowl. Combine cream cheese and sugar until well blended. Mix in egg and vanilla and pour into pan. Spread evenly. Mix cinnamon and sugar and toss with apples. Spoon (or arrange festively) over filling and sprinkle with nuts. Bake for 10 minutes at 450, reduce heat to 400 and bake 25 minutes. Cool a little and loosen from pan, chill. Serve chilled or room temperature. The picture above is of the Bavarian apple torte just before I put it in the oven. I forgot to take a picture after it came out and then it was gone. ************************* Two years ago in My Tiny Kingdom: A Different Kind Of Birthday