Recipe: Oreo-stuffed chocolate chip spaceship cookies
Who does ’t love cookies? They’re great with milk, coffee or o their ow . Baki g cookies is also a great way to spe d time with your kids. They ca lear the rules of baki g a d precautio s of kitche safety a d you ca make great memories with them i the kitche . If you’re looki g for a cookie recipe to try, look o further! Two of the greatest cookies – chocolate chip a d Oreo – are old classics a d go surprisi gly well together. How ca you mix these two ki ds of cookies together i o e great recipe? We’ve got the a swer here with this great recipe for spaceship cookies (a.k.a. Oreo-stuffed chocolate chip cookies). This is a super simple recipe that does ’t require a lot of time or special i gredie ts, because cha ces are you’ve got Oreos at home a yway! Here’s what you’ll eed: Muffi ti Cooki g spray Oreos I gredie ts for your favourite chocolate chip cookie recipe! Step 1: Follow i structio s for your favourite chocolate chip recipe. What’s great about this recipe is you ca use whatever chocolate chip cookie recipe you like! We riffed a little bit off this recipe, but you ca feel free to jazz it up however you wa t. Do you put i a dash of ci amo [...]