A playlist to make cleaning fun for kids
This summer, maybe you have your kids at home with you before school starts back up. If you’re like me, you do ’t wa t them to be bored arou d the house. A d with some of the crazy weather Toro to’s bee havi g lately, sometimes goi g outside is ’t a optio . So why ot spe d the time at home teachi g your kids a ew skill that they’ll eed for the rest of their lives? Time for them to help arou d the house with some clea i g! Now, it’s possible your kids are too you g to realize the ways that clea i g ca sometimes be calmi g. They also wo ’t k ow the peace that orga izatio ca bri g; for them it’s probably still a drag. Maki g them a part of the clea i g process, though, teaches respo sibility for themselves a d for their e viro me t. To get your you g o es i the mood to help with the clea i g o a weeke d, play these tu es for you a d your kids to da ce a d si [...]