Last Minute Tips to Host Your School’s Holiday Shop
Hosti g My Holiday Fair is easy a d straight forward, but here are a few poi ters to remember: Stagger classrooms so smaller groups of stude ts have time to look through the Sa ta shop. Ask 2 adults to ru the shop: o e perso to ru the cash register a d a other to help stude ts who eed it. Arra ge the shop to make room for a li e of stude ts at the cash register. Stude ts like to wait u til the last mi ute to take their items to the register, so pla for time at the e d of the shoppi g sessio to have the stude ts fi ished shoppi g a d get i li e. Here are some i structio s teachers ca give to stude ts before e teri g the shop: Use this time to look for gifts for your frie ds, family, pets or yourself. Patie tly wait your tur to look at a particular box or item Take the items you pla to buy to the cash register whe you’re ready Ask a teacher if you [...]