Mineiro Blanket Sol
Bring Brazilian, rustic charm and tradition into your home with this handwoven cotton blanket from Minas Gerais, Brazil. After a couple of years of dreaming about these amazing handwoven blankets, seen in Brazil during one of our visits, we finally decided to start our own project, working with women in a small Brazilian city in the state named Minas Gerais, where this unique handicraft has been passed on from generation to generation. Made in homes of passionated women, these blankets come alive through hard work and creative weaving techniques, ensuring a high quality combined with unique designs. The blanket can be used as a bed cover, to cozy up with in the sofa on cold winter nights or in the chilly summer breeze. It even suits for a day on the beach or a picnic in the park. – Made with passion in Brazil – 100% cotton – Machine wash cold / line dry – Size: Queen: 200 x 248 cm, King: 220 cm x 265 cm "Sol" means "sun" in portuguese, and Mineiro Blanket Sol reminds us of sunny days