Record Sales for 2019 Art Extravaganza and Award Results - Yukon High School Art
The 2019 Art Extravaganza was officially a success with a record turnout and $2,032 in student artwork sales in 2 1/2 hours on Friday night ($900 more than the previous record for student sales). Students designed, set-up, and took down the show which was open from 5:30 – 8 pm. A huge thank you to judges Carlos Barboza, Hannah Lampson, and Hattie Waggenseller for taking the time to adjudicate the show. Another thank you to Juan Ibarra for providing a guitar performance during the evening and to Mrs. Payne-Tisdale of Independence Elementary School who donated pizzas to feed the set-up crew. Tricia Saxton – Friendship Heptagon The awards received on Friday are listed below with the student’s name, title of the artwork, and the student’s current art class(es): Best in Show Paige Nguyen – Self-Portrait (Art II) Olivia Walker – Still-Life #5 (Art III) Tricia Saxton – Friendship Heptagon (Art IV) Merit Award Eryon Olvera – Mask (Bird) (Art IV & AP Studio Art) Riley Westphal – Untitled (Dog Print) (Art III) Abigail Wright – Setback/Multiplicity (Art IV & AP Studio Art) Teacher’s Choice – Mrs. Adams Kylie Mass – Lemon Le (Art II) Teacher’s Choice – Mr. Payne Lindsay [...]