Why I Won’t Be Watching BATTLESHIP - Movies In Focus
Look, I totally understand that Hollywood’s main aim is to satisfy the needs of teenage boys. I get it. That’s why most movies released by studios are hyper-stylised special effects extravaganzas – trying to compete with the latest video games in an attempt to part these thrill seeking youths from their cash. That’s fine, I understand. However, they could throw a bit of originality into the mix and try to offer some story, characterization and even the occasional piece of appealing dialogue for those who are a bit older and who still like a bit of bang for their buck. Remember the time when a “blockbuster” meant that a film could be enjoyable for the entire family and not just one hormone container with one hand on his joypad. Think of the original Star Wars trilogy, Back to the Future and Ghostbusters. Even Independence Day now appears to be from the halcyon days of solid characterization and casting. Battleship seems to be the latest in a long line of tired movies, which seemingly exist, just to make money, truck loads of it. Battleship’s first sin is that it is based on a board game – not a book, or a [...]