The 2007 Screenwriters' Strike - Movies In Focus
The current screenwriters’ strike has brought Hollywood to its knees. Films have been rushed into production and any film that didn’t have a complete script was put on hold. The reason for the strike; that screenwriters want their fair share of DVD and internet residuals for films. Christopher Kyle, playwright and screenwriter of films such as Alexander and K19: The Widowmaker says that the studios have, “asked us to accept no future participation in our work when it’s distributed over the internet. Since it’s likely that most distribution will move online over the next decade or so, they are essentially demanding we give up residuals”. The writers feel that they are fighting for a worthy cause, and they are against the picture drawn by the studios which portrays the average screenwriter as a greedy millionaire. Kyle says “this image of the writer the studios are pushing is bogus. Most writers don’t get rich even when they’re lucky enough to be working– and we have very little job security even then”. Kyle himself says that he regrets the strike but feels that it is necessary for the creative good in Hollywood. Kyle tells me that “the strike has placed me in [...]