Strike Out - The 2007 Writers' Strike - Movies In Focus
Now that the writers’ strike is raging in Hollywood like the Malibu fires from a few weeks ago, blame seems to have been thrown around like pales of water. The writers claim they deserve their fair share of sales from “new media” while the studios are arguing that the writers are already getting enough of a financial reward. The other week my interview with Christopher Kyle went up online and from what I can tell he’s a straight up nice guy. When my interview went up I emailed him to let him know that it was online. I also asked him about his opinion on the writers’ strike. Again, he was honest and very passionate with his side of the argument. Kyle, playwright and screenwriter of such films as Alexander and K19: The Widowmaker, states that “The stereotype of the millionaire writer the studios are pushing is bogus. Most writers don’t get rich even when they’re lucky enough to be working– and we have very little job security even then (half the Guild is unemployed at any given time)”. Hollywood accountants are notoriously good at their jobs and they often make sure that there is very little to share. One [...]