Robert Downey Jr. Should Save Movies And Not Help Kill Them - Movies In Focus
I like Robert Downey Jr. He’s a great actor with a tremendous screen presence and you have to admire how he pulled himself through his drug and alcohol troubles to become the highest paid actor on the planet. He’s made more money than he’ll ever need from his Marvel alliance, scoring a sweet deal for the Iron Man and Avengers movies which means he earns more than the rest of the other actors working in the Marvel Universe. He also scored sweet paydays for his two successful Sherlock Holmes movies (a third is on the way) and comedies Due Date and Tropic Thunder also made over $100 million at the US box office. He had a small role in Jon Favreau’s indie hit Chef, but the only two films with any real weight that he has made since 2008’s Iron Man have under-performed. Last year’s The Judge scored just $47 million in the US and just $83 million globally, while 2009’s The Soloist grossed $31 million in the US and a paltry $38 million worldwide. The failure of The Judge must have particularly hurt because it was the first movie from his production company, Team Downey, and it was positioned [...]