Review: X MOOR Is A Ball-Bustingly Visceral British Horror - Movies In Focus
X Moor is a ball-bustingly visceral British horror from Luke Hyams that gets things just right on a storytelling and thrills level. The film kicks-off as young American couple, Georgia and Max (Melia Kreiling and Nick Blood) to travel to England to capture footage of ‘The Beast of Exmoor’, a legendary (and mythical) cat that is supposed to prowl the wilds of Exmoor and score some reward money in the process. Things take a turn when Georgia meets-up with her ex-boyfriend (Mark Bonnar), a man with a haunted past who lured the unwitting couple to the mysterious moor in the hope of catching a different sort of beast. Hyams takes the lost in the woods horror rule book and rewrites it. He introduces likeable characters, sets-up the conventions and makes the right changes to make X Moor feel fresh. The last time a British horror film felt this fresh was when Neil Marshall exploded into the genre with Dog Soldiers (a film this owes a great debt to). Unlike a lot of modern horrors, you actually care for the characters here and the cast must be recommended for bringing a tremendous amount of humanity to their roles. Any good horror [...]