Review: THE LOVE PUNCH Succeeds On The Charm Of Pierce Brosnan And Emma Thompson - Movies In Focus
The Love Punch isn’t a great movie – but it is an enjoyable one. Joel Hopkins’ comedy succeeds on the ample charm of stars Pierce Brosnan and Emma Thompson. The duo manage to turn what could have been a disappointing comedy into a light a breezy farce. Brosnan and Thompson play Richard and Kate, a divorced couple who have lost their retirement fund to a crooked hedge fund banker. Rather than watch their life’s work fade away, they decide to head-off to France in an attempt to recoup their loss – which leads to them attempting a £10 million diamond heist. Brosnan is no stranger to suave robberies. The Irish star has made a career out of classy crimes in films such as The Thomas Crown Affair and After The Sunset, while also dabbling in a bit of larceny in the television show Remington Steele. He can do this type of movie in his sleep, but it also helps that he has amazing comic timing – something which many people seem to forget. The Love Punch sees Brosnan play on his suave reputation by making his character something of a bumbling idiot (fans of Remington Steele will know that this [...]