Review: SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY Beats The Odds & Delivers Unabashed Fun! - Movies In Focus
I’ll throw my hands up and say that I didn’t think Solo: A Star Wars Story was a good idea. The way I looked at it, who wanted to see a Han Solo movie without Harrison Ford? Add some production squabbles and reshoots and it seemed like everyone had a bad feeling about Solo. BUT – it managed to beat the odds and Ron Howard has delivered a rip-roaring adventure which feels very much like a Star Wars film – in fact – it feels like it was directed by franchise godfather, George Lucas. If anyone had the experience to ape Lucas’ style then it’s Howard, who was worked with the Jedi master on American Graffiti and Willow. Alden Ehrenreich acquits himself rather well as young Han Solo. He’s no Harrison Ford, but we all knew that he’d never fully manage to fill Ford’s boots. He tries and succeeds in delivering that cocky Solo swagger – and he has the trademark Ford finger-point down pat. What more could you want when you’re getting the answers to your questions about everyone’s favourite Corellian pilot? Donald Glover offers charisma as intergalactic scoundrel Lando Calrissian. Lando’s a gambler and a conman, but more importantly the [...]