Review: SATANIC PANIC Is After Hours Meets Suspiria For The Trump Era - Movies In Focus
Director Chelsea Stardust’s Satanic Panic is a film which knows exactly what it wants to be. There’s no pretence or aspiration – Satanic Panic wants to be a fun horror-comedy which doesn’t skimp on gore or laughs. Grady Hendrix’s script (based on a story by Hendrix and Ted Geoghegan) is totally preposterous and everyone involved knows it. It’s like an ‘80s throwback, the type of film you’d pick-up at a video store on a Friday night based on the box cover and the title alone. If you treat it as such then you’ll have a fun time. Hayley Griffith is Sam Craft, a pizza delivery girl who is eager to make some much needed extra cash from tips. Sam decides to take a delivery which is off her route in the rich part of town to score some additional dough when she accidentally stumbles across a Satanic cult (led by Rebecca Romijn). They just happen to be looking for a Virgin sacrifice when their intended victim had some availability issues. After escaping the Satantists clutches, Sam tries to keep one-step ahead of her would-be captors with the help of her wits and the cult leader’s estranged daughter (Ruby Modine). Produced by [...]