Review: Richard Donner's SUPERMAN - THE MOVIE - Movies In Focus
Richard Donner’s Superman broke new cinematic ground. Visually it’s stunning, and that’s before you take into the account the special effects – most of which still hold up today (impressive when you consider that they were making them up as they went along). However, the film’s cinematic palette was spot on, with Geoffrey Unsworth’s cinematography adding a rich texture to Donner’s multi-layered narrative. The crystal gloss of Krypton, the rich, vibrant colours of Smallville and the steeliness of Metropolis give the film visual structure that few films (never mind comic book films) can lay claim to. John Williams’ score is a triumph. It’s debatable if it’s better than his work on Star Wars, but it just might be. It perfectly captures the tone of the film and its iconic lead character. It’s rousing, emotional and action packed. What can I say about the casting of Christopher Reeve which hasn’t been said before? The man is the epitome of Superman and Clark Kent. Reeve is strong, direct and full of the honest character that you would expect from the man who fights for truth, justice and the American way. However, it’s as Clark Kent that Reeve really shines. It has long [...]