Review: Nicolas Cage & Willem Dafoe Star In Paul Schrader’s Darkly Comic DOG EAT DOG - Movies In Focus
Paul Schrader’s Dog Eat Dog is a sort of ‘90s throwback, a post-Tarantino crime drama toplined by Nicolas Cage and Willem Dafoe. It’s not exactly Reservoir Dogs, but these guys have serious talent and that shines through in this adaptation of Eddie Bunker’s pulp fiction. Dog Eat Dog is an energetic and violent flick that sees a trio of drug fuelled miscreants (Cage, Dafoe and Christopher Matthew Cook) kidnapping a baby whose father owes some serious dough to a crime lord. They’re not the brightest bunch of criminals (like coked-up Three Stooges) and things don’t exactly go to plan – cue bloodshed and sparky dialogue. Schrader and Cage previously worked together on The Dying of the Light (read the Movies In Focus review), a film which was taken away from the director and recut by the producers. Dog Eat Dog was a a cinematic exorcism, a cleansing to end their artistic union on a high. You’d expect Cage to be the live wire here, but his character is the straight man (the smartest dumb guy in the room) it’s Dafoe who plays-up the ticks as the twitchy ‘Mad Dog’. They’re a good team and this is the first time the pair [...]