Review: CHE GUEVARA - As You Have Never Seen Him Before - Movies In Focus
This highly informative documentary makes interesting viewing. I must confess that I didn’t know that much about Che Guevara before I sat down to watch this; I knew that he was an iconic Cuban revolutionary, but as far as background and events went, I didn’t know specific details. The film directed by Manuel Perez Paredes opens in 1967 as Guevara is captured and executed by the Bolivian army (don’t worry, he wasn’t with Butch and Sundance). It then tracks back to his childhood and through the use of archival photographs, interviews and extracts from his diaries we get to see how he evolved into the famous revolutionary that he became. This is a very well put together documentary with interesting interviews with Guevara himself and his father; who is annoyed that his son didn’t continue his career as a doctor! The only flaw with the film (besides its incredibly short running time – 54 mins) is that it’s very biased. Obviously made to further his legend the film only shows Guevara in a positive light and it glosses over any failures that he may have had. The film is a very good primer for the Steven Soderbergh films on Che [...]