Review: BLADE RUNNER 2049 Is A Disappointing Delayed Dystopian Sequel - Movies In Focus
Heavy Spoilers Below Any follow-up to Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner was going to be an uphill struggle, nonetheless the signs looked good when Scott returned to godfather the production as Executive Producer, while original screenwriter Hampton Fancher came back to write the script (with Michael Green). Harrison Ford also signed-on to reprise his role of Deckard, Ryan Gosling joined the cast and then director Denis Villeneuve hired praised cinematographer Roger Deakins to deliver the film’s visuals. If a Blade Runner sequel was ever going to work, then it was going to be with this top-tier team. Sadly, Blade Runner 2049 doesn’t work. The original Philip K. Dick adaptation was a grim, yet refreshing dystopian science fiction film which pushed the boundaries of the genre. The look and tone has been copied by many over the last 35 years, but never bettered and it still holds up today (no matter which version of the film’s multi-cuts you watch). This new film is over-long (163 minutes compared to the 1982 film’s 117), and it features a mish-mash of callbacks to the original along with too many worn-out sci-fi tropes – everyone is looking for ‘the one’ who will change the face of [...]