Producer Don Carmody - Interview - Movies In Focus
The name of Don Carmody may not be a name that is familiar to most filmgoers; however, it is highly likely that you have seen at least one of his films. From Oscar winning hits like Chicago to computer game adaptations such as Silent Hill and Resident Evil, Carmody has overseen production on well over seventy films. Although he is not as well known as other Hollywood moguls like Joel Silver and Jerry Bruckheimer, you won’t hear Carmody complain: “It’s the name of the game. A producer generally subverts his ego to those of the creative elements. He goes along to get along.” As one of the hardest working producers in the business he shows no sign of slowing down. Living in Montreal, Carmody takes immense pride in making big budget Hollywood features in his home country. When asked what his greatest professional achievements were he simply replied: “Winning an Oscar for Chicago and bringing world class films to Canada.” It is evident to see that Carmody is enthusiastic about film and although he’s been in the business for over thirty years, filmmaking is obviously an ongoing passion to him and he admits that he’d still be keen to work [...]