Perfect Casting: Ben Affleck Is BATMAN - Movies In Focus
Ben Affleck is Batman and he’s the perfect fit for the latest screen incarnation of Bob Kane’s iconic superhero. I’ve seriously thought that Affleck would make a great Batman for about fifteen years (going back to Good Will Hunting and Armageddon). He’s got the build and the look to portray the ultimate Bruce Wayne/Batman. Sure, his only onscreen superhero performance was in 2003’s lacklustre Daredevil, a film that fails on many levels – but not because of Affleck. There has been a lot of outcry at Affleck’s casting as The Dark Knight in Zack Snyder’s Man Of Steel follow-up, mainly from people who appear to be trapped in 2004 when Ben Affleck was a cultural whipping boy due to his association with Jennifer Lopez. Yes, he was caught in the Hollywood machine in the early noughties, but he was always a viable leading man; his career resurgence has shown an actor and filmmaker of great maturity. Since 2006, he’s starred (and /or directed) Hollywoodland (ironically as Superman actor George Reeves, opposite Diane Lane), State Of Play, Gone Baby Gone, The Company Men, The Town, Argo and To The Wonder. That’s a great run. Affleck is a multiple award-winner and [...]