An Introduction To BATMAN - Movies In Focus
I’d always loved films growing up., James Bond, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, any action adventure film amazed me and captured not only my attention but my imagination, I still have vivid memories of sitting in front of the television reading the end credits to Clash of The Titans. However, my life truly changed in the summer of 1989, or as I like to call it, the year of the Bat! As you may or may not know, Batman ruled the world in 1989 and it blew my mind. Shortly before the release of the film my father brought home a Batman comic – the first I ever owned (the first of many). Even now I remember the catch line on the cover “If he can just get past the F.B.I”. It was Batman in full costume fighting a group of gentlemen in suits and aviator sunglasses within a burning building. As far as I can remember, Batman didn’t appear in costume until the final page, yet I was amazed by the story, the art – the genius of comic books. I can’t recall if I was even aware that Tim Burton’s Batman was coming out that summer, I might have [...]