Kevin Costner's THE EXPLORERS GUILD To Hit Shelves At The End Of October - Movies In Focus
Kevin Costner fans have been waiting on The Explorers Guild Volume One: A Passage to Shambhala for a long, long time. Well, now it’s time to rejoice – because the wait is almost over. Publishers Simon And Schuster will release the book (co-written with Jon Baird and illustrated by Rick Ross) at the end of October. Check out the book’s cover below. I spoke with Costner in 2013 on the set of Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit and he laid-out his plans for the adventure tale… I have this thing called Explorers Guild that Simon & Schuster, the publisher, just bought that I hope can be the first novel that the world reads together electronically. What I mean by that is I’m gonna do animation, I hope, and if I’m right it’ll be about 200 or 300 hours because each book is gonna be about 600 or 700 pages long. It’s very much like Jules Verne and Arabian Nights, it’s in the greatest form of storytelling. And so my idea would be you’re sitting on the bench and you go, “I’m gonna catch up with Explorers Guild,” you hit your pad and you watch 22 minutes of animation so you’re basically [...]