John Carpenter: Hollywood For Carpenter - Movies In Focus
The Films Of John Carpenter have always been a group of films that have intrigued and inspired me. I was in my teens before I discovered that he himself was inspired by the work of Howard Hawks, a director that, by that time in my life I had grown to love. I’d fallen out of favour with Carpenter’s films following the disappointments that he had in the early to mid 1990’s. In retrospect I wonder if this was my own opinion or the opinion of the film press. I will admit to being most disappointed with Escape from L.A, however I will go on to discuss that later. With the advent of DVD I was about to rediscover the films of John Carpenter and learn to love his forgotten features. My first real introduction to John Carpenter was in 1990 when my father let (made) me watch cult director Alex Cox’s “Moviedrome” on BBC2. It was a Saturday night (it seems like a Saturday in the mists of time) and I sat in the darkness to watch Assault on Precinct 13, with guidance from my father that it was “from the director of Big Trouble in Little China“ a film [...]