Joaquin Phoenix Is Wild For THE JOKER; Actor Talks About The New Movie & Character  - Movies In Focus
Movies In Focus hasn’t been covering the ongoing saga of DC Comics movies recently. That’s simply because there hasn’t really been a lot to report. I’m past the point of jumping on every little thing, because life’s too short and chances are 90% of it is BS. Anyway, there’s something actually official to talk about – Joaquin Phoenix has been cast has as The Joker in Todd Phillips’ currently untitled Joker origin movie. Written by Phillips and Scott Silver, the $55 million film is being described as ‘a gritty character study’ and a ‘cautionary tale’. I think Phoenix has the chops for this – but I’m not sure Phillips has temperament. The Hangover movies and War Dogs are all flash, no substance, so he needs to find hidden depths of darkness to capture the Martin Scorsese vibe they’re apparently going for. Speaking of Scorsese, he’s no longer attached as a producer on the flick. Phillips’ pic is a different continuity from the current wave of DC movies, so this isn’t the same character that Jared Leto is playing (speaking of Leto, I bet he’s pissed at this) – so don’t expect Ben Affleck to turn up as Batman. Phoenix spoke to Collider about the [...]