James Bond 007: A Cinematic Legacy – Part 1 of 2 - Movies In Focus
Since Dr No was released in 1962, James Bond has captivated the cinema going public and delivered a character that is synonymous with Britain and sophistication. Originally from the pen of author Ian Fleming, Bond was immortalized by Sean Connery, who delivered what many to believe the best portrayal of Fleming’s fictional killer.The Bond films have been incredibly successful, with allegedly one third of the world’s population having viewed at least one of the spy’s exploits over the years. When the first James Bond film was released, the world was a very different place: The cold war was in full swing, Beatlemania hadn’t yet exploded on the music scene and the thought of exotic locations was a pipe dream for many. In the 1960′s the life of James Bond was almost as far away as space travel (somethingeven Bond would get to experience, although not for another 16 years). James Bond was and still is a means of escaping – his adventures excite millions, and to quote the immortal line: “men want to be him and women want to be with him.” Bond caused a “spy craze” in the 1960s: Mission: Impossible, The Man from Uncle and Our Man Flint [...]