Interview: Writer/Director Axelle Carolyn Talks About Her Debut Feature SOULMATE, Horror And The BBFC - Movies In Focus
Horror will always be popular. It plays with our fears and nightmares in a way that no other genre can. From campfire stories through to novels and cinema, our primal dread of darkness and the unknown have always been captured in tales of the macabre. Zombies, poltergeists and vampires have currently enthralled audiences across the globe; however it’s the old-fashioned ghost story which continues to be the most effective way to strike terror into our hearts. Axelle Carolyn’s debut feature film, Soulmate (read the Movies in Focus review) uses the conventions of the ghost story as a way of giving modern audiences a taste of the past. Eschewing blood and gore for atmosphere and tension, Carolyn has delivered a film that feels like it could have been made a half a century ago. It’s a riveting gothic tale which delves deep into our fear of death and our curiosity of the afterlife. The film hit movie news headlines when the opening sequence was banned by the BBFC in the UK for a scene involving an attempted suicide. Carolyn is no stranger to horror. She has written and directed several short films that deal with the supernatural, while she [...]