Interview: THE DEVIL'S ROCK Director Paul Campion - Movies In Focus
Paul Campion’s The Devil’s Rock is an atmospheric horror film, which I had originally described as a ‘genre throwback’ in my review (read it here). The Channel Island set chiller follows two Kiwi commandos who attempt to foil a Nazi plot to unleash a demon on the eve of the D-Day invasion. Campion is making the leap into directing features following a successful career in visual effects, having worked on films such as Hugo and The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I interviewed Campion who discussed his career and influences, the difficulties in bringing a low budget film to the screen as a first time director and his future projects. Where did the idea of The Devil’s Rock originate? It came from a combination of things. Firstly I’d been struggling for a couple of years trying to get a first feature funded, and was slowly realising that I really needed to just make a first feature, no matter how low budget and prove that I was capable of directing a feature – and to find out if I actually could do it – making a short film is one thing but a feature is a whole different ballgame. Myself and [...]