Interview: Director Simon West Talks GUN SHY, CON AIR & Action Cinema - Movies In Focus
Few directors know their way around an action movie like Simon West. He cut his teeth making music videos before graduating to the big screen with the 1997 action classic Con Air. He has also helmed the likes to Tomb Raider, The General’s Daughter, The Expendables 2 – and now Gun Shy, an action-comedy starring Antonio Banderas and Olga Kurylenko. Movies In Focus spoke with him about his latest release and his career as one of Hollywood’s go-to action directors. I kicked things off by thanking West for sending me a Con Air ‘Goodie Box’ celebrating the 20th anniversary of the cult Nicolas Cage actioner. Enjoy… I have to thank you- during the summer you sent me a Con Air Goodie Box! Yes, they were fun. I’m sitting in my office looking at a bright, pink bunny – so thank you for that! We just wanted to celebrate the anniversary in some way and everyone remembers the pink bunny and the quotes. I’m glad you got it. So, moving on to Gun Shy – how did that come about? I was looking at some scripts in LA – quite a few scripts come along my desk and I really loved one [...]