Interview: Director Diego Hallivis On Sci-Fi Thriller CURVATURE - Movies In Focus
Curvature is an interesting independent low budget sci-fi film which dreams big and offers-up some interesting concepts and edge-of-seat tension. Movies In Focus caught-up with Diego Hallivis, film’s director to talk about making a time-travelling film, what it’s like making films in the independent arena and following in the footsteps of James Cameron. Enjoy… How did you come attached to the project? I’m good friends with the writer, Brian DeLeeuw. This was just one of the several projects we’ve developed together. The initial idea was to explore time travel in a more indie, intimate way and the story evolved from there. Creating the rules for time travel can be tricky. How hard was it to make them seem realistic? Every time travel movie is different. The best ones, in my opinion, set clear rules or limitations for the time travel technology and refrain from breaking them. We’ve hopefully succeeded in that, but I also wanted to make this film feel more realistic by not showing the machine too much. To have the audience focus more on the consequences of time travel and less on the technology itself. The face of movie making has changed over the last decade or so. What [...]