Interview: Brett A. Hart On Bringing AIN'T IT COOL WITH HARRY KNOWLES To PBS - Movies In Focus
Movies In Focus was lucky to see 50 minutes of PBS’ forthcoming Ain’t It Cool With Harry Knowles. The Kickstarter funded show builds on the webisode series that Knowles had on Nerdist, opening it up to a whole new audience. I spoke with the show’s director-producer Brett A. Hart about bringing the movie show to life and how it developed from its original concept. So…a new series of Ain’t It Cool With Harry Knowles …what’s changed and what’s stayed the same? The show’s matured and become more focused. Each episode is more thematic and we found ourselves with more time to fully explore interviews with guests as well as content. We also straightened our act up so to say. Back when we began on the Nerdist Channel the internet was like the Wild West… so we cut our teeth on this new undiscovered territory and there was quite a bit of “mature language” that narrowed our audiences. This time we set out from the beginning to change that and open up the show to a wider audience and I think the results are that’s it’s evolved and I feel the content is almost academic. Deeper. Richer. Tell me about the Kickstarter [...]