Interview: BONE DRY Director Brett A. Hart - Movies In Focus
I recently had the chance to interview the writer-director of the film, Brett A. Hart (not to be confused with the wrestler Bret “The Hitman” Hart). Bone Dry has been compared to Duel (a film that was directed by another first-timer, what was his name… Steven… something? I think that he’s directing some B-movie sequel at the minute). Brett is a really cool guy and he has a true love of films. He’s the kind of guy that you have to admire, he’s doing what all movie fans want to do- he’s making movies (and for that I’m jealous, I’m stuck writing about them- tinkering on half completed screenplays of my own). Sarcasm aside however, he’s a great bloke, and he dedicated a huge amount of time giving me an interview. In the interview he discusses his inspirations, what it’s like putting a low budget feature together and his plans for the future. I feel that Brett has his best work in front of him and I really do hope that he is given the chance to go from strength to strength. Brett’s a young, up and coming filmmaker, and I really do wish him great success. Anyway, enough of [...]