Interview: BEYOND THE WOODS Star John Ryan Howard - Movies In Focus
Beyond The Woods is a highly entertaining Irish horror film from writer-director Sean Breathnach. When I reviewed it I said it was a small movie that packs a hefty punch which features strong performances and characterisation (read the review here). I caught up John Ryan Howard, one of the film’s stars, and discussed what it’s like making a low budget horror movie. Enjoy… How did you get started as an actor? My first dabble into acting was making home made horror movies with friends at age 10. I kept that up for a few years before I made the decision that acting is what I definitely want to pursue as a career at about 16/17. I can remember the moment I made that decision quite vividly. I was watching ‘Lethal Weapon’ on TV in the lead up to Christmas thinking about all these great characters Mel Gibson gets to play and I made my decision there and then and stuck to it ever since. Up to then I wasn’t sure was it film directing or acting I wanted to do more. I started into part-time acting classes at night with the Gaiety school of acting and started doing film acting workshops before enrolling [...]