Interview: Actor James Frecheville Talks Irish Famine Western BLACK '47 - Movies In Focus
Director Lance Daly’s Black ’47 is a powerfully bleak tale set during the Irish Famine. James Frecheville stars as the deserting solider returning to his family home in Connemara, only to find that the ravages of the Famine have taken away everything that he loved. Black ’47 is a a powerful revenge story and a well constructed ‘Irish Western’ which touches on a period in Irish history which has often been forgotten by filmmakers. I had the opportunity to speak with the film’s main star, Australian actor James Frecheville, about the challenges of making an authentic film set during one of the darkest periods in Ireland’s history. Enjoy… I thoroughly enjoyed Black 47 – a very powerful film. How did you become attached to it? I’d done a film with Mac Kelleher, the producer of the film in 2015 and I was one of the people they were looking at for Freddie Fox’s character Pope. So, they pulled-up Google images and they saw a picture of me with my beard – and my beard grows quite red, the colour you saw in the film and I think they thought, maybe James is an option for Feeney, because they were trying to find [...]