DVD Review: THE DEVIL'S ROCK IS A WWII Horror Movie - Movies In Focus
The horror genre is frequently looked down on by film critics. It can often be exploitative, cheap and nasty – three things that if done right can be quite a thrill for an audience. However, it’s a difficult juggling act to get right, meaning that quite a few of these films are just plain god-awful and because of this much of the harsh judgment that is thrown at the genre is often well deserved. If the elements do come together in the correct fashion it can be a delightful experience which offers the viewer an interesting twist on a genre that has pretty much been taken to the extreme (literally) in every direction. Nearly every twist within the genre has been used and abused over the last hundred years or so, and filmmakers have to reach deep to offer audiences something, that if not new, has at least has a fresh coat of paint. This takes us nicely to The Devil’s Rock. The premise for The Devil’s Rock is simple; on the eve of D-Day two kiwi commandos (Craig Hall and Karlos Drinkwater) are sent on a mission to destroy German gun emplacements in Channel Islands. However once they arrive [...]