DVD Review: SALAMANDER Season One - Belgium’s Biggest Mystery Since Van Damme - Movies In Focus
Thirty tears ago Tina Turner lamented about not needing another hero, and the same must be said today about European detectives. They’re ten-a-penny, solving crimes across the continent and audiences have been able to visit more countries than a student on a Eurorailing trip. That doesn’t stop Salamander, a Brussels-based conspiracy featuring a rumpled cop and an unbreakable case. It doesn’t break new ground for the genre, but it is an absorbing drama that has a few decent twists and turns to keep you entertained through this 12 episode series. Salamander begins with a Michael Mann/Christopher Nolan style bank robbery, which sees the safe deposit boxes of Belgium’s most important people cleaned-out in a mysterious blackmailing plot. These boxes contain deep far secrets, secrets which could destroy the country (dun, dun, dunnn). The robbery goes unreported until Paul Gerardi (Filip Peeters) stumbles upon the case. Gerardi follows in the long tradition of television detectives – he’s a loose cannon, who ignores his superiors. He’s warned off the case, but that doesn’t stop him sticking his nose where it’s not wanted. Geraldi is suspended, but even that doesn’t stop him. Snagging hot lead, after hot lead, Geraldi’s goes on the run, [...]