DVD Review: JACKALS Is Dark, Bloody And Very Entertaining  - Movies In Focus
With an creepy opening ripped straight from John Carpenter’s Halloween (with a touch of Michael Mann’s Manhunter), Jackals gets off to a good start. This home invasion/siege movie gives you everything you could want from a genre film – with a little more added for good measure. It’s quality should help it stand apart from the gazillion other horror movies released and that means it’s worth seeking out if you’re a fan of genre. Director Kevin Greutert’s film sees divorced couple Andrew (Johnathon Schaech) and Kathy (Deborah Kara Unger) attempt to rescue their wayward son, Justin (Ben Sullivan) from the clutches of an evil satanic cult (is their any other kind of satanic cult?). Things get off to a good start with a little help from Stephen Dorff‘s professional cult rescuer (a noble profession, I’m sure). However, nobody expects the cult to turn up on their doorstep looking for Justin. When you thrown-in Justin’s girlfriend (Chelsea Ricketts), their baby and his estranged brother (Nick Roux) you get the feeling that they all probably regretted the whole scenario and should have just decided to Netflix and chill. Jackals keeps its plot and character development tight and while some might argue that [...]