DVD Review: Irish Comedy THE STAG Won’t Leave You With A Hangover - Movies In Focus
Going into The Stag, you’d be forgiven for thinking that it’s an Irish riff on The Hangover. After all, it features a group of friends celebrating one of their number’s forthcoming nuptials. However, John Butler’s low budget Irish film sidesteps all comparisons by delivering quite a sweet and funny comedy that while never being outstanding, delivers enough good moments that makes it worth your time. Like the blockbuster Hollywood comedy series, The Stag features a crazed future brother-in-law who turns the titular stag weekend on its head. Unlike Mel Gibson hater Zach Galifianakis’ character, Peter McDonald’s The Machine (looking and sounding like Liam Neeson crossbred with William Hurt) is the brash alpha male of the pack and the one who unleashes the fun on Hugh O’Conor’s last weekend of being a single man. The Stag doesn’t have the slick soulless city of Las Vegas as its location; instead it has the wilds of Ireland as our heroes go on a camping trip to take the ‘Groomzilla’ away from his wedding plans. The Stag could have gone for a stereotypical look at Irish culture in an attempt to pander to an international audience, though thankfully it doesn’t. It keeps things grounded, [...]