DVD Review: Gillian Anderson And Haley Joel Osment In Sci-Fi Drama CONTINUUM (I’ll Follow You Down) - Movies In Focus
Continuum (also known as I’ll Follow You Down) is an intriguing science fiction drama which gives the well worn time travel concept an interesting new angle. Gillian Anderson and Haley Joel Osment lead the cast as the mother and son who are torn apart when Rufus Sewell’s physicist mysteriously vanishes. Writer/director Richie Mehta avoids the usual genre tropes which litter time travel movies and keeps things low key. Don’t go into this expecting the special effects thrills of Back To The Future or the dramatics of Frequency. Mehta tackles the material with a realistic approach, playing it like a family drama rather than a science fiction.This makes Continuum feel fresh, even if the concept is well trodden. It’s a shame that the UK title is so generic, although having said that, I’ll Follow You Down will hardly set the box office alight. From The X-Files to The Fall, Gillian Anderson has shown that she’s a versatile actress willing to try a variety of different roles and those expecting a Scully like role in this return to the science fiction genre will be disappointed. Gillian Anderson is given a lot to do on an emotional level as the grieving wife who just can’t [...]