DVD Review: Bradley Cooper And Robert DeNiro In LIMITLESS - Movies In Focus
Limitless sees Bradley Cooper continue his climb up the A-list ladder. This adaptation of Alan Glynn’s novel The Dark Fields is the first film which Cooper has top lined (he is also an Executive Producer) and he does a commendable job, illustrating that he may have what it takes to be a successful leading man. Cooper plays Eddie Morra, a blocked writer whose life has hit rock bottom. Eddie owes his publisher a novel, his girlfriend Lindy (Abbie Cornish) has just left him, so Eddie’s future isn’t looking too good, and he doesn’t seem to care. However, a chance meeting with his ex-brother-in-law Vernon (Johnny Whitworth – coming across like the bizarre love child of Christian Slater and Jim Carrey) lets him know there’s a way of improving his life by using 100% of his brain (as opposed to the 20% that humans normally use). How can he do this? A new drug called NZT-48. The experimental drug makes your mind smarter and clearer, there’s just one downside – it’s highly addictive. Eddie Cranks out his novel in days; learns multiple languages and plays the stock exchange, all which change his financial fortunes. Though, when Eddie discovers Vernon’s dead body [...]