DVD Review: BLOOD GLACIER Mimics THE THING - Only It's Not As Good (Obviously) - Movies In Focus
Alpine-set chiller, Blood Glacier (also known as The Station) was always going to be compared to John Carpenter’s The Thing. It’s a paranoia-filled horror about a group of scientists in a remote, snowy outpost who stumble upon a creature that mutates into something horrific. However, it also has the siege quality of Aliens (along with a few other plot points from James Cameron’s seminal actioner) as a wide variety of mutant beasties attack our isolated protagonists. Director Marvin Kren’s film may lack in originality but it has enough good moments and strong technical credits to make it an enjoyable piece of entertainment. Any film set in a remote station will be compared to John Carpenter’s horror and as a filmmaker you have to accept that. You’ll also have to accept that your film will never be as good as Carpenter’s – but I’m sure the comparison is all you want, right? Kren’s film never manages to achieve the claustrophobic tension of Carpenter’s (or Cameron’s) classic – but this has more to do with the (admittedly impressive) Alpine setting than a lack of technical nuance. Blood Glacier’s biggest problem isn’t lack of originality, but the lack of character development. We aren’t [...]