DVD Review: ANTISOCIAL Is An Impressive Entry Into The Zombie Canon - Movies In Focus
Antisocial is a well-crafted modern horror movie that follows a group of friends struggling survive when a zombie-like virus starts to spread across the globe on New Year’s Eve. The friends, trapped in house, follow the outbreak on social media – but this may be doing them more harm than good. All of Antisocial’s behind the scenes credits are strong and the film comes with good production design and impressive cinematography. For a low budget movie, Antisocial looks great. It has a glossy sheen, showing that with the right tools and talent, low budget movies can look impressive. The film’s musical score is also a standout, helping to set the mood and keep things on the right side of creepy. Acting is something that usually lets low budget movies down – but Antisocial has no problems on that front. The film’s cast members nail their performances and all the characters come across as likeable. You actually care what happens to these people, which is something that rarely happens in horror movies these days. Keeping the characters grounded and personable buys you a lot of goodwill in the genre and helps keep the audience onside when the more ludicrous plot elements [...]