DVD Review: Anson Mount Saddles-Up For HELL ON WHEELS - The Complete Third Season - Movies In Focus
We live in a new Golden Age of television. It’s a time where narrative storytelling on the small screen is surpassing the quality of that on the big one. The focus on franchise moviemaking has seen good writing migrate to television, totally changing the belief that those involved in television are involved on a lower art form. Hell On Wheels takes the western, a genre which has had a rough-ride at cinemas lately and given it a new lease of life in your living room. It’s a well produced piece of TV that is held together by a superb lead performance by Anson Mount. Set in the second half of the 1880s, Hell On Wheels charts the daunting task of building the US railroads. It follows the men and women living in a traveling town (the Hell On Wheels of the title) as they slowly move across the country laying down the tracks. It’s a dangerous task, not only do they face the angry natives who are furious at the loss of their land, but also themselves, as drink and hot tempers rage within the confines of their mobile civilisation. The Western is a great American tradition and the [...]